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Ford Auto Dealership exterior by JBS Contracting, Inc.
Wright Avenue Rehab exterior by JBS Contracting, Inc.

About Our Company

Since 1993, JBS Contracting Inc. has been dedicated to providing uncompromised service to our clients throughout Michigan. We listen to our clients, share their values and respond to their needs. In short, we take great pride in helping our clients see their dream become a reality.

Our commitment to building relationships is evident in our continued success. We are a commercial builder who strives to develop business relationships based on respect, trust, and honesty. We firmly believe this sets us apart from other companies and has provided us with a list of distinguished past clienteles today.

Our construction experience has served clients in almost every capacity that you could think of. Our in-house capabilities and Design-Build approach ensure that your budget and schedule will be meticulously considered and respected.

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JBS Guarantees

Total Control

Our in-house services mean we are in total control of your project at all times, keeping construction on schedule (many times ahead of schedule) and within budget! We work with a select group of qualified subcontractors to get the job done. We ensure that the job is done right the first time by using subcontractors who understand the JBS Contracting commitment to quality and service.


When timing is especially critical, we can expedite your project to meet crucial deadlines. This involves applying for grading permits while working drawings are being finalized, foundations are being poured, and decisions are being made about the building’s interior. Our project management and field supervision personnel meet on every project a minimum of once a week, along with daily monitoring of your project with the original Design-Build team member. JBS Contracting, Inc. constantly strives to identify and eliminate problems before they occur.

No Surprises

Surprises are the result of poor communication. If changes are requested during the building process, we quickly present pricing and economical solutions in writing. We understand that communication is key to having a successful project, and we pledge to keep you informed each step of the way.

Full Service

JBS Contracting provides extensive capabilities from designers, construction managers, site planners, interior design, and craftsmen to construct a building that exceeds our client’s expectations. Our range of commercial contracting services takes you from the ground up, including site selection, obtaining permits, soil investigation, site development, and foundations. We differentiate ourselves from our competition through our design team composed of the owner, architect, engineer, and JBS Contracting. The team is constantly in sync on your project, evaluating alternatives. This approach assures budget control and value.


When you select JBS Contracting, Inc., you’re buying more than our quality-assured construction methods. Where dependability, longevity, and financial strength are issues to a client, JBS Contracting has a verifiable track record of success based on nearly 30 years of professional performance.


With JBS Contracting, you’re getting more than a contractor. You’re getting experienced crews, time-tested subcontractors, and our pledge to be there even after the job is done.

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