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Jeep and Ram dealership exterior by JBS Contracting, Inc.
Antlers Fireside Grill restaurant exterior by JBS Contracting, Inc.

If You Can Dream It, JBS Can Build It

Do you need a commercial contractor for your next project? Business contracting is what we do. Since 1993, we have been helping business owners take their business to the next level by providing them with a functional, top-of-the-line building. We have helped people in retail sales to the agricultural industry and everyone in between.

We have established relationships with clients in the Michigan area through quality and reliability over the past three decades.

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Our Services


We are happy to design and construct the building you need, from storage facilities to fully operational automotive service garages. We’ve even built buildings for other contractors!


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Michigan is known for its dairy farms, and we have been fortunate enough to be the go-to builder for these types of facilities.


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Municipal Buildings

Courthouses, city halls, and police stations are just a few examples of buildings we have constructed and will construct in the future. We have navigated the legal complexities of these buildings, and we are happy to construct them when the project is called upon us.


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School gyms and other indoor sporting facilities are another one of our specialties. Many of these projects are bid on by a few contractors around the area. See our work!


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Healthcare Offices

There is an abundance of healthcare facilities in Mt Pleasant, MI, and the surrounding areas. From Dentist offices to Primary Care Physician’s offices, we have built them! Whether the building you need is for a private practice or a government-subsidized one, we have experience on the logistical end.


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Retail buildings are very prevalent around central Michigan, and we have built many of them! These buildings have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, we are willing to consider any project.


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Recreational Venues

Michigan has plenty of places where our community can enjoy an indoor or outdoor entertainment spectacle! We are proud to say we have been the builder of several parks around the central Michigan area.

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Churches, Mosques, and More

Places of worship are essential to many. At JBS Contracting, we are proud of our portfolio of churches around the central Michigan area. These buildings often require an abundance of custom work to make them stand out.


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